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#Who Mixed-media artist Hayley Eichenbaum’s education goes from 3D graphics to sculpture, including performance art. She became a photographer by chance, or rather thanks to her will to leave a trace of her other great obsession — aside from art: the obsession with the road, with hitting it freely; the obsession with on the road trips on the American highways.

long siesta that was 🐛

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#What Geometries, colors and Route 66. Hayley drove it eight times, widely depicting it in her Instagram series, The Mother Road, by seeking minimalist architectures and turning commonness into something surreal; as a result, the frame looks noiseless, whereas the technicolor fonts appear to be mysterious.

today is important 🍏

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#iLike The formal research that matches with the storytelling construction; the curatorial awareness with which she creates a series of images; the seducing ambiguity with which she harmonizes what’s true and what’s not.

heavy buck moon, hanging low over new mexico in july ✨🌕✨

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#iFollow I follow her because I love her cinematographic unconscious; because I want to lose myself in a map of references that not only leads you to some Sci-Fi movie of the 60’s — the saturated colors, the accurate structure, the sense of symmetry and equilibrium —, but also to the great American melodrama of the 50’s; for in her photographs Stanley Kubrick meets Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, and Gregory Crewdson meets Jack Kerouac. I follow her because she knows how to exalt America, turning reality into an archetype.

still high on Tucumcari

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#Bestpost A psychedelic Hopper; an American dream under the influence of acids, or a War of the Worlds served up in a cocktail sauce.

#Hashtag Hayley doesn’t use them, but if she did, it would be probably be the following: #motherroad #minimalism #americanroadtrip #architecture_minimal

About Irene Alison

Alternative TextBorn in Naples in 1977, Irene Alison works extensively in the field of photography. She started working as a professional journalist in the editorial staff of the newspaper Il Manifesto and the weekly publication D – La Repubblica delle Donne. Along with other photographers, she’s developed and realized several reports that have been published on Italian and international magazines such as Geo France, The Independent, L’Espresso, D – La Repubblica delle Donne, XL, Marie Claire, and Riders. Over the past few years, her feature articles on photography have appeared on magazines and newspapers such as La LetturaIl Corriere della Sera’s cultural weekly publication —, IlSole24Ore, D – La Repubblica delle Donne, and Pagina99. As a tutor, teacher, and consultant, she works with Istituto Superiore di Fotografia in Rome, Roman School of Photography, and Studio Marangoni Foundation in Florence; she regularly gives portfolio lectures, holds conferences and in-depth workshops on photography. As a critic and curator, she’s contributed, among others, to Brighton Photo Fringe, Festival Internazionale FotoGrafia in Rome, Officine Fotografiche (Rome), Open Mind Gallery (Milan), and Scuola Holden (Turin). From 2009 to 2014 she worked as a director for Rearviewmirror, a four-monthly about documentary photograhy, published by Postcart. Her first book, My Generation – Dieci autori under 40 della fotografia documentaria italiana, was published in 2012 — always by Postcart. In 2014 she founded DER*LAB, a design and photography production studio where she works as creative director. Her second book, iRevolution – Appunti per una storia della mobile photography, was published in 2015 by Postcart.